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Virtual meetings with WebEx
How to host a meeting on Webex and stream using the Youtube integration
How to host a meeting on Webex and stream using the Youtube integration

Quickly set up a virtual private meeting using Webex, YouTube and PublicInput

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This article will show you how to:
1. Authenticate your Webex account through your meeting editor (in

2. Use our automated YouTube option to streamline your video streaming setup

Don't worry! You can still use your favorite connections, but these integrations will save you a few steps.

You can also see this integration in action at

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A virtual public meeting has three components:

  • Conferencing software, for example Webex

  • Streaming video software, for example YouTube


Each component must be integrated with the other two components.

Preparing for integration

Schedule a Webex meeting

To get started, first schedule a meeting using your Webex account.

Create your new meeting in PublicInput

Next, head over to your PublicInput project page, go to the Meetings & Offline tab and then click Add Meeting or Event. Tip: Do this from a new tab or windows as we'll be returning to the Webex website a little later.

Choose "Blank Meeting" to bring up the Event Settings dialog. This is the PublicInput meeting editor.

Type a meaningful meeting name and make sure the Virtual button is selected.

Use the date picker to schedule a date and time for the meeting. To open the date picker, click in the Start Time or End Time fields.

Integrate Webex and PublicInput

Scroll down to the bottom of the Event Settings dialog.

In the Conferencing Services section, click Cisco Webex.

Two authentication options will be displayed:

  1. The default option on the right allows you to manually enter your meeting information.

  2. Select option 2 to let PublicInput automatically sync with Webex.

Note: If you are logged into Webex, the system will authenticate your credentials quite quickly. If you are not logged into Webex, you may be prompted to enter your login details.

Next, a note will be displayed confirming your credentials have been authenticated.

Make sure that the Sync with Webex automatically option is selected.

Next, select your meeting from the dropdown list.

Integrate YouTube and PublicInput

The steps for setting up a YouTube livestream are outlined in the "Using Public Input's Create a live stream for me" article.

After you create a new Live Stream placeholder video with PublicInput, you'll still need to set up the integration between WebEx and YouTube Live Stream. To learn how to do that, first let's walk through what happens when you start the meeting you have created in Webex.

Start the meeting in Webex

If prompted, click Open Cisco Webex Start.

Your meeting room will be displayed, but as you can see both video and audio are off. You now need to integrate Webex and YouTube.

Integrate Webex and YouTube

Go back to your project page, and on the Meetings & Offline tab, click on your upcoming meeting.

In the Event Settings dialog, scroll down to the Streaming Video section. You will see that some information about YouTube has been generated. To integrate Webex and YouTube, you need to copy and paste this information into Webex.

To do this, go back to your Webex meeting and click on the More Options (...) icon at the bottom of the page.

Next, click Start Live Streaming.

You don't want to use Facebook to live stream, you want to use YouTube, so click on Other streaming services.

Now you have to copy the information about your YouTube live stream to Webex. To do this, click on the Copy icon and copy the YouTUbe information to the corresponding field in Webex.

When you are done, click Start streaming.

Meeting live site

When you go to your live site, you will be able to view your live stream and a bunch of other information, like statistics and options to manage your meeting.

There is just one small thing left to do.

Importantly, you must now connect your phone bridge to Webex. To do this, click Connect to Cisco Webex

And, you are done!

End meeting and close live stream

All good things must come to an end.

To end your meeting, go the Webex website, click on the Close (X) icon, and then click End Meeting.

You can close the YouTube live stream in the PublicInput meeting editor (Event Settings dialog). To do this, in the Streaming Video section, select END Live Stream and then click OK.

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