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Virtual meetings with WebEx
Live Streaming your Virtual Public Meeting with WebEx and Facebook Live
Live Streaming your Virtual Public Meeting with WebEx and Facebook Live

Once you've setup your event and associated it with a Webex meeting, here are the steps to go live with Facebook

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Once you've created your meeting and connected it to WebEx, it's time to set up the streaming configuration. If you're planning to use Facebook Live to handle your meeting broadcast, the steps below walk through going live.

1. Start your WebEx meeting
We recommend getting started about 30 minutes before your meeting to give yourself some breathing room.

2. When you're settled in and ready to go live, click "Start live Streaming"
When you're ready to start recording, click the ellipsis at the bottom of your Webex meeting screen and click "Start Live Streaming."

3. Authenticate with Facebook

Next, you’ll need to log into Facebook and authenticate your account details.

Note: When you set up the live stream, you will be able to specify the page from which you wish to live stream, instead of from your personal page. You must be an administrator for the page from which you’re live streaming.

4. Choose a page to broadcast to and give the video a name for future reference.
In the Start Live Streaming dialog, create a title for the meeting - e.g., "Example Meeting."

Because you don’t want to post this video to your personal account, select Share on Your Page and then select a page name. You will be given a list of pages for which you are an administrator. The audience is “Public” by default.

Now, go ahead and click Start Streaming.

5. Copy the live stream video URL
To view the live stream and get the URL for the post, go to the relevant page in Facebook (the one you selected in the Page name field above, not your personal account).

Click the ellipsis at the right of the post and select Edit Video. In the modal that opens, ensure that the visibility is set to Public.

Close this modal and click the ellipsis again, and this time choose Copy Link.

6. Paste this URL into your meeting editor
Paste this URL into the Streaming Video section of your meeting editor and the live stream will automatically be pulled into your meeting:

If you click "Hide live stream until the meeting start time," participants won't see the video until the event start time.

After the event ends, the full Facebook Live recording will show on the public event page.

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