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Customizing your portal navigation elements
Customizing your portal navigation elements

Add links to your public portal navigation bar and edit the names of links on the page.

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Navigate to the portal editor

  • Head to your organization's Settings Page

  • Navigate to the "Public Portal" tab

  • Your primary portal will be denoted with a green check mark

Editing your Portal

  • Click edit on any portal in the list to open the portal editor

  • This opens the portal editor, complete with the various fields to edit the look and feel of your portal

Customizing your Navigation Bar

  • Drag and drop items to change their order

  • Click the edit icon to modify the name of the navigation element

  • Click delete to remove a navigation item

    • Note - not all items can be removed. If an item has its remove option disabled, this means it is controlled using the setting toggles further down the page.

Editing the name of a navigation item

  • Click the edit icon

  • Edit the name of the navigation item in the "Display Name" field:

Adding Custom Links

  • Click "Add Navigation Item"

  • Choose "Link" as the type

  • Paste in your URL

  • Give your link a title

  • Click Save

The updated portal navigation options will be visible on your public portal page:


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