Link to a project page step

Create a link in your content to another tab or step in your project or survey.

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How to create a link to a specific tab

  1. Identify the URL of your step by clicking on it on the public site: When you click on a tab, or if you're using the navbar format, the URL at the top of the browser changes to include a tab reference.

  2. Copy the URL: Copy the entire URL displayed in the browser. This URL can be from your public input or a custom domain.

Add the link to your content block

  1. Insert the Link in a content block editor:

    • Highlight the text in the editor where you want the link to originate.

    • Click the link button in the editor.

    • Paste the copied URL into the provided field.

  2. (Optional) Make your link domain-agnostic: If there are concerns about the domain, for example if you're not using the primary domain, you can remove everything preceding the hashtag (#). Pasting in the hashtag functions as an HTML anchor link.

    1. Example: pasting #tab-1234 as the link url will function even if you use a custom domain.

  3. Save Changes: After pasting the URL, click 'OK' in the link dialog and then 'Save Changes' to the content block.

  4. Test the Link: Go back to your Welcome tab or initial content page and test the link. Hover over it to see the link to the specific tab. Clicking it should direct you to the desired tab, with the system handling the navigation appropriately.

Usage Tip

  • This feature is particularly useful for linking back to different tabs within your content. It allows users to navigate directly to specific tabs without scrolling to the top of the page.

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