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Public facing KML and KMZ size limitations
Public facing KML and KMZ size limitations

To ensure fast load times and a good public user experience, map questions have some limitations on the types and sizes of map layers.

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Because our public mapping question interface is built to be mobile responsive and load quickly, we use the Google Maps frontend library to host mapping questions.

Google Maps has some specific limitations that are primarily rooted in keeping public-facing map layers smaller so they can be rendered across all device types and load quickly even on cellular connections.

The Maximum fetched file size (raw KML, raw GeoRSS, or compressed KMZ)


Maximum uncompressed KML file size


Maximum uncompressed image file size in KMZ files

500KB per file

Maximum number of network Links


Maximum number of total document-wide features


Number of KML layers

There is a limit on the number of KML Layers that can be displayed on a single Google Map. If you exceed this limit, none of your layers will appear on the map, and an error will be reported in your web browser's JavaScript console.

Bear in mind these limitations are put in place by Google - not PublicInput, and we cannot change these policies or perform modifications to your map layers.

If your mapping layers are incompatible with Google Maps JavaScript API or exceed the above limits, we recommend working with your GIS expert to identify ways to reduce the size of layers and remove information and shapes that do not contribute meaningfully to the participant's context and experience.

Read more about KML and KMZ layers:

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