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A one stop resource hub for PublicInput experienced consultant users.

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PublicInput Certified Partner Benefits

Partner Benefit Shortcuts

With each project license your firm is one step closer to leveling up on our benefits tier. Save time and money on future projects with your client by offering software credits earned through this program.

Got a Project?

Featured Marketing Content

Celebrating the work of our consultant partners through shared marketing. The featured marketing benefit provides your firm with an audience of over 150 government agencies who are also using the PublicInput Platform.


Come together with our government users to lend your expertise

Case Studies

Let us highlight your firm in a case study focused on best practices

Blog Series

A quick and easy way to highlight the work of your firm, staff, or a project or initiative

Social Posts & Newsletters

Feature your great work and accomplishments

Have another idea? Request a custom marketing feature by emailing our Partnership Director at michael@publicinput.com

Resource Library

Take advantage of this curated list of external resources designed to make your work easier!

Ready to Level Up?

Certified Partners “level up” by:

  • Completing the PublicInput Academy Activities

  • Using the PublicInput Platform

  • Preserve and build on your project data by extending annual software credits to your clients

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