To get started with oEmbed, head to the project or survey you'd like to embed on your page.

Under the Settings tab of your survey, look for the Get Embed Code option.

A dialog will open with embed options. oEmbed is supported on both the Question Series and Project Page embed options:

After selecting your format, choose the oEmbed option from the dropdown list:

You'll see two links: 

Embed URL

The first link is the embed URL specific to this project or survey. If you've already setup your oEmbed integration to recognize or url's in your content management system (CMS), simply copy this link and paste into your CMS's oEmbed input. *If you're using, simply paste this link into the dialog in your CMS.

oEmbed API Endpoint (Optional)

The second link is the default oEmbed API endpoint. If this is your first time using  or domains for embedding, you may need to add this to your content management system so it will know how to handle this domain's embeds. Copy and paste this into your CMS settings and direct it to use this endpoint for any or URLs. *If you're already using, you don't need to configure this.

Read more about here:

For directions on using traditional embed codes, view the embed help article here.

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