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Auto-Assigning Polls by Article Category
Auto-Assigning Polls by Article Category
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Article Categories Classify Articles as they're published

With Cityzen you can create Article Categories, or sets rules that classify articles into specific topics based on their title, description, and body.
We include basic categories like 'politics', 'crime', and 'NCAA basketball', and you can create your own custom rules under the Article Categories menu tab.

You can have polls automatically embed into a category

Categories can automatically polls to an article when it's published if you setup an auto-assign rule in the polls dashboard.

Start in the poll set 'Assign to Articles' section:

In the dropdown, select a category, then click 'Preview':

Select existing articles which you'd like to assign polls

You'll see a new modal appear with matching articles in this category from the previous 7 days. Select the articles you'd like to have this poll set assigned to by checking or unchecking the list.

At the bottom of the modal, you can select if you'd like for future matching articles to receive these polls automatically.

Use the calendar tool to customize future application:

Upon clicking 'Assign', the articles you selected will be added to your assigned articles for this poll set.

Edit, enable and disable auto-add rules from the poll set dashboard:

If a rule is enabled, articles published with matching text characteristics will automatically be assigned polls:

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