This is a meeting checklist that works as an add-on to previous training sessions. These steps need to be completed before your Meeting or dry run. The expected reading time is 30 minutes or less.

This list covers using your organization's Youtube account. Please note the requirements below.

A note before you get started: Sometimes you will need the assistance of your IT department or someone else on your team - for example, to access the correct YouTube account for streaming. Please make sure to coordinate with that group or person well in advance of your scheduled meeting or event.


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Technology Requirements

unrelated to PublicInput, done outside of the PublicInput platform:

  • You have a computer enabled to run a modern web browser (Chrome > Firefox > Edge > everything else)

  • You have a stable internet connection that can connect to and run your WebEx meeting

  • You have an account within PublicInput with sufficient access level (Account- or Department-level Publisher or above OR Project-level Publisher or above) to create a meeting within PublicInput

  • You have a YouTube account with streaming enabled.
    You’ll need to verify your YouTube account in order to get started with YouTube Live streaming.

  • You will need a paid Webex account - not the free version.
    Note: Webex Webinar meetings do not work with the PublicInput meeting platform.

  • Be sure your Webex account has streaming enabled.
    This setting is in your (or your organization’s) Webex account. You may need to have the Webex account admin adjust these settings for your individual account if you do not have permission to change them yourself.

Check the boxes for both:

  • Facebook

  • custom streaming service

You can confirm these settings are turned on by opening a Webex meeting and attempting to go live.

Within your Webex meeting, you should see the 3 dots for “More options” at the bottom of your screen. (This toolbar may move to the top if you are sharing your screen.)

Click the 3 dots and ensure that “Start Live Streaming” appears as an option in the pop-up menu. No need to stream just yet, but that confirms your settings are correct!

PublicInput Settings

Within PublicInput, as a part of setting the whole system up

  • Be sure phone capabilities are enabled for your project - these are located on the Phone tab within your project:

    • A 10-digit public number is assigned to your account. If you have multiple phone numbers assigned to your account, you can click edit to select a different number from the dropdown menu on the Phone Tab.

    • A toll free (855) number is usually the best option, and is provided for your organization by default.

    • You may contact your CSM if you'd like to purchase additional numbers, such as a local or pin-free phone number. (These options may take a few weeks to implement.)

  • Enable Text for your project:
    This setting is located on the Text tab within your project.
    You can decide whether to enable or disable specific comment types (text, email or online) and select the comment timeframe (when comments will be accepted) later in the meeting editor.

Please reach out to our Success Team if you need assistance or have any questions

[email protected] | [email protected]

Create your meeting in PublicInput

This can be set up in well-in-advance of your meeting, and should be. Please check out our step-by-step instructions if you are not familiar with Meeting setup.

Day of Meeting steps

In Webex

In PublicInput

⑴ Double check your meeting start and end times in to ensure that the official meeting start time (time you would like the Public to be able to see and hear the meeting) is correct. Double check AMs and PMs!

⑵ Start your Webex Meeting

You may start your meeting a few minutes early to ensure all meeting staff/council members/presenters are settled and ready for the meeting before the official start time.

Remind everyone in the Webex Meeting (which should not include members of the public) that once you go live on Youtube, everything is being recorded 🤫 (audible.) Webex users can use Webex chat to communicate, if needed.

In your Webex meeting, the host will need to click the "more" (...) button at the bottom of the screen

the menu bar may be in a different location if you are already screen sharing

Select "Start Live Streaming

⑹ Paste in your Youtube stream credentials in the browser window that appears:

You should then see your video streaming

Copy the Youtube video link from the browser window.

⑻ Paste the YouTube link into the PublicInput meeting editor

& save the meeting.

Click the “View Live Site” button to view the live meeting page.

The live stream will be visible on the live site once the meeting starts (based on the official meeting start time in PublicInput.)

Scroll just below the video to view the Meeting’s Admin panel:

This panel appears 30 minutes prior to your official meeting start time.

Click the blue “Connect to Webex” button to connect the Phone bridge:

Look at the Webex meeting’s Participants list to ensure the phone bridge/conference line (855 number) has joined the Webex meeting.

You may need to admit the phone line if you have a waiting room enabled.

Double check that the conference line is un-muted.*

⒀-B *If the line appears muted in the Webex participant list:
(Ex: Call-in User_2 appears muted)

go to the PublicInput meeting and press *6 next to the conference line:

Ending your meeting

How to end everything all at once:

When you’re ready to end your meeting, you can end the Webex meeting for everyone, which will end the YouTube stream, disconnect the conference line, and begin transcribing your meeting’s audio. (Project admins will receive an email once the transcript is complete.)

How to end the meeting for the Public (3 steps):

If you and your staff/council would prefer to stick around on your Webex meeting, but end the meeting for the public, you can opt to end each part of the meeting by following these steps:

In Webex

In PublicInput

End the Youtube stream in Webex. (Double check that the stream has ended on

Disconnect the Phone bridge in PublicInput

You can continue to meet with your meeting staff/council, and then end the Webex meeting for everyone when you’ve finished de-briefing.

Additional Notes and Best Practices

  • Be sure your meeting end time has a buffer
    An extra couple of hours ensures the meeting phone line stays connected, should the meeting go over the time allotted. Once your meeting wraps up, you can quickly hop back into the meeting editor and adjust the meeting’s end time to the exact time it ended.

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