If you have a segment and and want to download it to view the full list of its members, you can do this by creating an email campaign and addressing the campaign to the segment members.

NOTE: To send outbound email or text communications, your organization must purchase the Communications Cloud.
Inbound text and emails can be received for all organizations on individual projects (project emails, text surveys, etc.) If you have questions, or would like to add the Communications Cloud, please contact your account manager or let us know in the chat!

If you have the segment already created, navigate on the platform to the Email & Text tab and click + New Campaign.

From here, click the Recipients tab at the top and then the Add Recipients button.

In the modal that opens, click Existing Segment.

Then search for and choose the name of your segment and click Add Segment Members.

This will add the segment members to the recipient list of the email. It may take some time for the window to update. Once this is done, you may click Preview Recipients at the bottom. Here you may also see the tally of users set to receive the email.

The next modal that opens will display the recipients from the segment. It is here that you will find the downloadable list of members via the Download Recipients List button in the upper-right.

The spreadsheet that downloads will contain the list of segment members!

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