The Continue button is enabled by default for multiple-step projects.

The participant clicks Continue to navigate to the following step in your project once they reach the end of the page.

The Continue button also automatically submits any responses to questions with question-level submit buttons in the event that question-level submit buttons are disabled. This includes responses to open-comment questions, partially or fully completed ranking questions, multiple-response option questions, and interactive map question responses that haven't been confirmed or submitted by the participant at the question level.

Note: All other question response options are recorded as they are received.

This option is not recommended for surveys that use skip-logic.

Think about the participants who will be engaging with your project, and how they will need to navigate through it. If you decide that having the Continue button is not the best fit for your project or initiative, keep reading to learn how to remove it from the project layout.

Head to your Project Questions and Dynamic Content area.

Click the Edit icon next to the last of your project steps:

Next, under the Survey Steps menu, toggle the "Show continue button" toggle off (white):

This removes the Continue button from the layout, requiring the participant to navigate using the steps at the top of the project.

Note: Removing the Continue button is not recommended for projects that have skip-logic, as it is necessary to trigger the skip-logic rule.

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