First, you'll want to create your meeting.

There are 2 Parts to adding a custom text code to a meeting:

You can jump to the Assigning the custom code to the meeting below.

Creating a custom meeting URL & text code

From your Engagement Dashboard, select the Settings Tab:

Scroll down to the Custom Links section:

Type in your custom short code, ensuring it meets the criteria:

  • At least 5 characters, less than 30

  • Not currently in use

  • Does not contain spaces or special characters

Then, select the meeting you'd like to assign it to from the dropdown menu, then click Create New Link.

Note: If you do not select your meeting the URL will be assigned as N/A – meaning it will lead to the main project, and will not be meeting specific.

This is an important distinction, since assigning the custom code to the specific meeting will group meeting-specific comments via the custom text code or email.

It's best practice NOT to reuse the same custom meeting code/URL for multiple meetings. You'll need a different custom shortcode to differentiate which comments pertain to the different meetings.

Assigning your Custom Code to the meeting

Click the Meetings & Offline tab

Select the meeting (Meeting Settings will display)

Scroll down and Select the "More Display Options" tab; Click the dropdown menu next to next to text check box & select the short code you created

(Same process for custom emails related to the meeting or use the same text short code as the meeting-specific email address)

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