You can opt to display a map that shows the location of your projects on the Public Portal, but there are two requirements to meet for the projects to be reflected here.

First, the project must be active (not in Draft mode) and toggled as Listed (or featured) on the Public Portal. Projects that are not listed will not have their location reflected on the engagement portal map.

Second, you'll need to to define a project location on the project's Settings tab. This map can be found at the bottom of the Settings tab, and you can select one of the options in the upper-right corner to define your location: uploading a KML, drawing a shape or line, or adding a point.

Once your project is listed and its location has been defined, it will show up on your public portal map!

We recommended thinking practically in trying to show the locations of multiple projects here: take care to avoid displaying projects across large distances. This is especially true when the project locations are dots instead of shapes. This will be difficult for the users to use with the dots or even small shapes being dwarfed by the size of the large map. Best results will be seen if the project locations are close together and the shapes and of similar sizes, or if the shapes are large enough to be seen on the map even when far apart from each other.

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