Census Library:

Infographics & Visualizations

The Census Bureau Library is a research library that has the unique role of collecting, preserving, and providing access to information resources produced by the Census Bureau to Census Bureau employees, government agencies, and the public.

National Equity Atlas

A one-stop-shop for data and policy ideas to advance racial equity and shared prosperity. The Nation Equity Atlas provides a detailed "report card" on racial and economic equity. Designed to equip movement leaders and policymakers with actionable data and strategies to advance racial equity and shared prosperity


OpenStreetMap emphasizes local knowledge. Contributors use aerial imagery, GPS devices, and low-tech field maps to verify that OSM is accurate and up to date.

U.S. Government Open Data

U.S. government data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more.

National Center for Education Statistics

The primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

State Heath Access Data

Assistance Center

Find health access data that goes beyond the standard indicators of health insurance coverage.

National Center for Health Statistics

The Nation’s principal health statistics agency, NCHS provides accurate, relevant, and timely data that supports the improved health of the American people.

InfoBridge Portal

Data disseminated and displayed through InfoBridge include both data collected specifically for the Long-Term Bridge Performance Program and the National Bridge Inventory (NBI). The visualization capabilities provided in InfoBridge are highly beneficial to the States and other highway bridge owners as they work to manage bridge performance.

Injury Facts: State Data

The data provides reliable information to help communicate the trends in anticipation of the future changes needed to improve. Data focuses on preventable injuries and deaths in the work-place, on the roadway, and in homes.

Data Commons

Data Commons is an open knowledge repository that combines data from public datasets using mapped common entities. It includes tools to easily explore and analyze data across different datasets without data cleaning or joining.

Food Access Research Atlas

The Food Access Atlas presents an overview of food access indicators for low-income and other census tracts using different measures of supermarket accessibility. Use the data to create maps, compare measures, view indicators and download data.

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