If you have received project emails, you can turn them into comments that appear on the Comments tab for further analysis. There are 2 ways to convert email text to comments, either manually (one at a time,) or automatically (en masse.)

Within your project, head to the Email tab:

Manual Comment Conversion

Click on the email that contains the comment.

You can then highlight the email text that you want to convert into a comment.
NOTE: be careful to exclude any signatures or personal information.
The "Create New Comment" box will appear over the highlighted text. Click it!

A pop-up window will appear auto-populated with the Commenter Email, Name, the Date the comment was received, as well as the Comment Text. You can take this opportunity to correct any typos in the comment, and if the comment references a specific question topic, you can opt to assign it to that question in your project.

You'll then click the green Create New Comment button.

This will convert the highlighted text into a comment that you can find on the Comments tab:

It's highlighted in yellow because I used the search function to find "bananas."

Doing this allows you to further analyze email comments with other comments collected in your survey questions. You can also tag this comment on the Comments tab.

Auto-create comments from emails

(recommended for projects with very high email volume)

Within your project, head to the Email tab.

In the top right corner of the Email tab, you'll see a group of toggles.

To create comments from emails automatically, click the toggle next to Auto-create comments from emails to turn this on (indicated in green.)

The emails will appear as comments in full on the Comments tab.

If you have received emails at a different email address that pertain to a specific project, you can forward them to the project email, found on the Email tab:

Custom emails are created automatically when you create a Custom URL, and can be found her as well. e.g. "[email protected]."

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