Your contract may or may not include text credits. If you've used all of your allotted text credits, or would like to add recurring credits, you can do that under your organizational settings. (Only organizational admins will be able to adjust these settings.)

Click the Settings icon in the left navigation panel and click on Accounting:

Here you'll find a record of invoices for billing credits. We use Quickbooks to show a list of invoices on this page. You can access your invoices at anytime for your records.

To add credits, you'll first need to add your payment information at the bottom of the page. Click +Add payment method:

You'll be prompted to enter your billing information.

Adding text Credits (one-time text credit purchase)

  1. Click +Purchase Credits:

2. The Add text message credits window will allow you to add a dollar amount:

If you want to calculate the amount you'll need to add to send to a specific segment or audience, calculate $0.02 times the number of recipients. (e.g. $0.02 x 520 = $10.40.) Any unused funds will carry over for future text campaigns.

3. Under Payment Method, select your card (entered earlier) from the dropdown list and then click the green Buy Credits button.

Once you've entered this information, you'll see your added text message credits above the +Purchase Credits button:

You can come back to the Accounting page to purchase additional credits at any time.

Creating an Auto-Recharge Rule (recurring payments)

You can set up a recurring charge to ensure that if the text credit balance falls below a specific amount, your text messages will be fully funded and send as you'd expect.
E.g., if the balance falls below $50, recharge the card at $100.
This acts as a safety net to avoid a partial outbound text send if you're running low on text credits.

1. Click Create Auto-Recharge Rule:

2. The Auto-Recharge Rule allows you to set up a minimum balance, and will add the dollar amount you specify to your account should your balance dip below that threshold. You can also set a monthly budget to avoid going over a specified amount.

3. Click the blue Save Recharge Rule button.

The Auto-Recharge Rule will appear where the button was. You can click the pencil icon to edit the rule, or click the "X" to delete it entirely.


What is a text credit?

1 credit = 1 text message

How much does a single text message segment cost to send?


Why does my text message cost more than $0.02?

It's likely a longer text message, so it gets broken up into 2 or more text segments by the carrier – see How are text message costs calculated?

Who can add more credits?

Organizational Admins can add and remove payment methods and auto-recharge rules.

Only the admin who added a payment can purchase text message credits using that billing method.

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