You can now copy content boxes within a project. This feature is most useful for multi-step surveys, where you may have longer bits of content that you need to repeat across different steps in your survey, like disclaimer text, descriptions or instructions, or any content you want to copy and rephrase/edit elsewhere.

Note: If you have content that participants will need to see and revisit on every step of your survey, you may want to consider using a sidebar.

If you need help adding content, please see our article on adding content, including text, images, links, tables, and more.

To copy your content, simply click the Copy Freeform icon at the top right of the content box.

The copy will appear at the bottom of the can be modified to your liking.

If you want to move the content box, just drag and drop it where you want it using the 3 bars (hamburger stack) in the top left corner of the content box you want to move:

And drag it up or down to place it where you'd like it to appear in your survey content.

To move the content into another step, drag it to the step at the top of the Project Questions and Dynamic Content section:

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