If comments were set to private when submitted by the user, they will not be displayed publicly even if a project administrator changes the setting to public.

This is a 'privacy by design' feature to allow participants some peace of mind when submitting comments.

Note: Even if comments are set to display publicly for a particular question, you can give respondents the option to comment privately by toggling on the Participants can opt to keep their comment private button .

If this is toggled on, participants will see an option to post publicly or privately when submitting a comment.

Comments posted privately are only visible to project admins, but not to other participants. Privately submitted comments remain private after a survey is closed. Private comments also remain hidden from public view if a project admin changes the comment settings from Private to Public.

Project admins can see all comments - including comments submitted privately - on the comments tab in the administration side of the project. Privately submitted comments will appear in grey in your comments tab.

Privately submitted comments do appear in dynamic reports, but be mindful to ensure that personal information (like phone number or email address) doesn't appear in any private comments that appear on your dynamic report.

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