If your project doesn't yet have a Sidebar, you can add a sidebar by clicking the Add Sidebar button at the top of your project's Project Questions and Dynamic Content section. 

A Project Sidebar allows admins to add:

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Let stakeholders know what you plan to accomplish with your project by adding additional information (text,) images, external links, and more with the WYSIWYG editor (meaning it will appear as you create it here on the live site as well.)

Project Timeline

Add a timeline of meetings and events to inform the public of the project's schedule.

Note: Meetings must be created in the Meetings & Offline tab before you can add them to a timeline.

Project Documents

Add documents (.pdf's, publications, etc.) that stakeholders can opt to download & view.

Meetings & Events

Add upcoming events that stakeholders can plan to attend.

Note: Meetings or Events must be created in the Meetings & Offline Tab first. Learn how to Create a Meeting or Event.

Youtube Videos

  1. Click the Add Item button and select Youtube Video.

  2. Then copy + paste in the youtube link (URL) when prompted.

The video will appear as a URL in the Sidebar panel on the backend (left), but will appear as a video link on the live site (right).

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding FAQ's is similar to adding a Project Timeline. Check out how to add FAQ's here.

Once you've added the items you want to display in the Sidebar:

Click View Live Site in the top right corner to preview your Sidebar content on the public-facing site.

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