If you've created a series of poll questions, you'll notice your live site's background is light gray by default. You can change this to an image if you'd like.

First, you'll need to change your Live Display Format from poll series to a project page.

Go to the Settings tab and click the Site Format dropdown menu & select project page.

Don't worry! 😱 It's easy to switch between site formats and it will not affect the content of your survey.

Next, click the Page & Survey tab. Scroll down to the Topic Description & Images section.

  1. Click Upload banner Image and select a large scale (desktop size) image from your computer. In this case, ignore the optimum size of 1200x400 (banner size.) You'll want your image to be large enough to fill the background. 

  2. Click Save Description Changes. You'll see an image preview above the Upload button.

👉Note: If you decide you prefer the default gray background, click the trash icon to delete the image you've uploaded. If you'd like to change the image, just upload a new image and it will overide the previous image. You can also upload a solid color image in .jpg form if you prefer a different background color.

Go back to the Settings page and change your Live Display Format back to poll series.

Click View Live Site, and your background image will appear behind your poll series questions. 

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