Go to the Social page in the Project Admin interface and click the green Create New Campaign button.

You will set up your campaign on the Setup Targeted Facebook Outreach page. 

On this page you will enter the campaign basics, like its name, write the ad and fine-tune the target market's demographics.

Step 1: Enter a Campaign Name.

Step 2: If you want to sync Facebook comments in your campaign with existing questions in another campaign or project, make sure the check box to do this is checked and then select a question from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Under Campaign Schedule & Budget, select start and end dates for your campaign by clicking on the Date picker icon, selecting a date and pressing Enter. Tip: You can change the start and end times manually.

Step 4: Enter a campaign budget. You can type in the figure or use the Up/Down arrows to increase/decrease the default budget figure. The auto-generated Potential Views figure will automatically be updated. 

Step 5: Enter the Min Age and Max Age of your targeted demographic market. In the Other Targeting Criteria text box, you can further narrow your target market, e.g. Spanish speakers, single fathers, etc.

You can also target your campaign to a specific geographic area in the Geographic Targeting section.

Step 6: First select an area you wish to focus on. There is a little trick to this: simply grab the screen with your cursor to zoom in or move the map focus area up/down and left/right. In this example, we want to zoom in to the Raleigh area.

Step 7: Click on the Draw a circle icon. You can now use your cursor to draw an outline around your targeted area.

You can delete the circle (1), move it (2) or change its size (3). Facebook will only target individuals at a location within the circumference of the circle.

Step 8: Next, and of critical importance, in the Facebook Post Text text box, enter your campaign post. This is where you can enter a Call to Action, describe your campaign or update people with your news.

Step 9: No campaign is complete without an image. Click Upload Post Image to add an image.

In the Upload Featured Image popup, click the placeholder text ("Drop files here to upload") to find an image on your computer, and then click Save Changes.

Step 10: If you want to use this campaign to promote a particular project or survey, you can select an existing project to link back to.  Simply select a project from the Project to promote drop-down list.

Step 11: You can add the target URL of the project, campaign or website to which you wish this Facebook ad to link. 

And you are done!

Towards the bottom of the page, you can see a preview of your ad. Click on the Refresh icon to view the latest version. 

If you want perhaps to get some more information or consult a colleague before you submit your ad, click Save Draft (1) and you can get back to it later.

Alternatively, having reviewed the demographics, inspected the preview and checked for spelling errors, if you are happy with your ad, click Submit Draft for Review (2). The ad will automatically be submitted to the Facebook Ad Review Team.

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