Embedding a video into a project page or survey

On the Page & Survey tab under Survey Questions and Dynamic Content, click the "+" button to add another step. 

Drag the new step to the left so that it becomes "Step 1."

Click the Add Content button on the new Step 1.

Click the source button.

Paste the embed code for your video content in the text box that appears, and click OK.

This method will make the embedded video the first step in the kiosk for your meeting.

Embedding a video in a kiosk interface

On the Meetings and Offline tab, click the edit button for your kiosk. 

In  the Configure your kiosk box that appears, click in the Opening Screen Content box. 

The content editing panel will appear. Click the the source button on the far right.

This will open a large text box where you can paste the embed code for your video content. Click OK.

 You'll then be back on the Configure your kiosk page. Click the Save button. 

If you'd like to preview your embedded video, click Save & Launch.

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