To embed a video, start by heading to the Youtube video you'd like to embed.

Click the "Share" button on the video and then select the 'Embed' option:

When you click the 'Embed' button, you'll receive a code similar to the following:

Click 'Copy' or manually copy the embed code using right click -> copy.

Back in your customer dashboard, head over to the project or survey into which you'd like to embed the video.

If you don't already have a content section to embed a video, click the 'Add content section' button at the top of the Page & Survey editor.

Click into the project content area to view the editor menu:

Click 'Source' to view the html editor for the content section.

Scroll to the area you'd like to add the embedded video, and paste the embed code into the source editor.

(If you're unsure about where to add this, scroll to the bottom and add it there. You can later copy and paste in the visual editor).

Press 'OK' to close the source editor, then modify the position of the video in the visual editor as desired.

To ensure support for mobile, you may need to edit the default size Youtube assigns the frame. Double Click on the I-Frame box in the editor to view the embed settings:

We recommend setting the width to '100%' and height to '400'.

Click 'OK' in the I-Frame window, then click 'Save Changes' in the editor to update your page.

Browse to the live site and check out your embedded video. If you need to adjust alignment or size, just head back to the editor and double click the I-Frame box to open the settings menu.

Let us know if you have questions!

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